GLSL Studio

iOS / 2012

GLSL Studio is the first full featured OpenGL ES 2.0 programming environment for iOS. Create, edit and compile full vertex and fragment shaders on the go!

Custom vertex data, textures and shader properties are all managed using an easy interface with support for mesh import, camera streaming, uniform binding and much more.

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OSX / 2012

Testing iCade style joystick support in iOS is now simple.

Taking input from the keyboard and any OSX compatible joystick, Simul80 converts and dispatches the apropriate messages either internally to the Xcode simulator or via bluetooth to an iOS device.

Simul80 is provided free to all developers!

Download Simul80 1.3

Simul80 Screen Shot 1 Simul80 Screen Shot 2


iOS / 2010

Using a realtime 3D perspective trick combined with motion controls and face tracking, HoloToy creates an interactive hologram right inside your iOS device.

HoloToy has ranked #1 entertainment app in the App Store multiple times internationally and has been written about on Gizmodo, Kotaku, in print and more.

Includes multiple games, toys and a 3D photo editor.

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Image Crushr

OSX / 2010

Many mobile devices today still have screens that are less than 24bit. Beautiful artwork with millions of colors can be reduced to a mess of harsh banding when viewed unedited on these devices.

Image Crushr provides image conversion with custom output bit depths, multiple dithering methods and batch processing.

Download Image Crushr 1.0

Image Crushr Screen Shot 1 Image Crushr Screen Shot 2