holotoyicon512What is HoloToy? HoloToy is an interactive hologram unlike anything seen on the AppStore before. Using anamorphosis perspective projection and the accelerometer HoloToy produces realtime images that emulate reality based on a constant viewing angle. In english, these are interactive 3D scenes that appear to live both within and outside of your iPhone or iPod touch! Regular updates will bring brand new interactive holograms to you for free, suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!

Update #8 - Anaglyph rendering + My HoloPic Sharing

Anaglyph rendering adds support for a variety of commonly found color filtered 3D glasses. Simple screenshot sharing has been added to My HoloPics making it easy to share anaglyphs of your 3D creations! A full in-depth user manual has also been added in this update covering everything from game controls to the various My HoloPic options and tools.

Update #7 - My HoloPics + iPhone 4 front camera head tracking

My HoloPics are your photos/images in 3D! Using the built in depth and transparency editors you can quickly create your own holograms on the device itself. Create as many HoloPics as you like and reorder/flick between them, holiday snaps will never be the same again! When run on an iPhone 4 you now have the option of realtime head tracking using the new front facing camera. When this option is enabled HoloToy will detect your head position in relation to the screen and change the perspective accordingly. You can literally look around the 3D scenes by moving your head!

Update #6.1 - iOS4 + iPhone 4 support

HoloToy now works with iOS4 multitasking on devices that support it. HoloToy also uses high resolution UI and rendering when run on an iPhone 4 to make the very best of the retina display!

Update #6 - Projection Puzzle

Projection Puzzle adds a virtual projector to your HoloToy! Photos are projected into the HoloRoom and can only be reconstructed by viewing from the correct angle. Create your own Projection Puzzle using photos from your photo roll. HoloToy News has also been optimized to load significantly faster.

Update #5 - CatBot Jump Alot

CatBot Jump Alot is a score based platform game, color as many platforms as possible before the speed gets too much! This update also introduces hidden achievements across most holograms, HoloToy news with in-app commenting and support for both landscape orientations.

Update #4 - Fish Tank

Fish will swim around their HoloTank until fingers are placed on the glass. Choose a photo from your photo roll to accompany your new fish. Use the included template to design your very own fish.

Update #3 - Scarab Attack & iPad support

Scarab Attack is an addictive game set in an Egyptian themed HoloRoom. Can you fend off the attacking scarabs as they crawl through the walls, ceiling and floor? Act quickly to increase your multiplier and beat your hiscore! HoloToy is now a universal app, this means it’s iPad version is built in. No second app to buy, just install again on your iPad to unlock the HD HoloToy.

Update #2 - HoloBall

Advanced HoloPhysics brings you the childhood classic in 3D! Move your HoloToy around to bounce the HoloBall off the 5 walls, what tricks can you do? Done playing? Prove your HoloBall skills and wall-bounce dexterity in the HoloBall challenge, shave seconds off your maneuvers and get those extra points!

Update #1 - HoloBot

HoloBot is your very own miniature remote controlled robot. Control HoloBot's movements inside his HoloRoom, make him inspect, salute, ground-pound and more! Don't like HoloBot's paint job? Choose from 29 different designs. Still can't find a HoloBot just for you? Design your very own HoloBot using the included template, view your work on the living breathing HoloBot then share it with the world! Also in this update is the first of many easter eggs. Can you unlock HoloBot's secret moves?
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