Mon, Oct 26, 2009

kode80 joins PV3D

As you can probably tell from the experiments on this site I have something of a love affair with 3D in Flash. I remember the first time I saw a Papervision example running and how blown away I was, PV3D was truly a milestone in the Flash platforms history. Since then I have used PV3D in many commercial works and have taken every opportunity to explore how far 3D in Flash can be taken. With the introduction of PixelBender and the additions to the Graphics API the room for experimentation has increased once more.
Recently I was invited to join the Papervision3D team as a contributing member to help out with the latest iteration of the engine, PV3D 3.0. Working alongside some of the best AS3 coders in the business on such a landmark project is certainly an honor, exciting times ahead.