Wed, Apr 06, 2016

Bit Jam: The Signal

Earlier this week I learnt about an upcoming game jam called Bit Jam. The rules of Bit Jam are simple; make a game using only 2 colors with a game resolution of just 1x1 pixel! Audio is allowed but only to aid accessibility, just one sound per color. These kinds of crazy constraints really pique my interest, and knowing I wouldn't be available during the official Bit Jam dates, I decided to take a couple of hours last night to throw together a little Bit Jam game.

You can download The Signal below. It's very short and only uses keyboard input, but was a fun experiment. I definitely recommend keeping an eye on Bit Jam, it'll be fascinating to see what other folks come up with!

Download "The Signal"

SEIZURE WARNING: The Signal contains black and white strobing, do not play if you suffer from photosensitivity.