Wed, Mar 09, 2016

PixelRender 1.1 Sprite Sheet Maker

Today I've released the new 1.1 version of PixelRender for Unity3D. Aside from lots of small improvements, the big new feature is the Sprite Sheet Maker tool which enables you to render and export any GameObject as a Unity3D sprite sheet animation. Since releasing PixelRender, this has been a much requested feature so I hope people find it useful. Check out the video below to see a quick overview of the Sprite Sheet Maker in action.

PixelRender is a complete system of shaders, effects, scripts & tools for rendering 3D scenes as 2D pixel art. For more information and videos check out the launch post.

Available Now!

Rather than selling PixelRender in the Unity3D Asset Store, I've decided to try something different. The project is hosted on GitHub & is free to use for non-commercial purposes.

If you'd like to use PixelRender for commercial purposes, or support this & future kode80 development, commercial licenses are available for purchase from my new online store!

Purchase a PixelRender commercial license

Download PixelRender.unitypackage / View PixelRender on GitHub

Bypassing the Asset Store allows me to offer PixelRender under separate commercial & non-commercial licenses, spend time on development rather than bureaucracy & keep development open & public. However, it also removes the in-editor promotion that the Asset Store provides. If you like PixelRender, I'd greatly appreciate you sharing it with others via Twitter, Facebook and whatever other internet doodads the kids are using these days!