Mon, Apr 12, 2010

HoloToy update #3 approved!

I'm very happy to announce that (after a slight delay) the third HoloToy update has been approved by Apple and is now ready for download! Hit update now to add the Scarab Attack game, performance improvements and HD iPad support to your HoloToy.

Scarab Attack is an addictive game set in an Egyptian themed HoloRoom. Can you fend off the attacking scarabs as they crawl through the walls, ceiling and floor? Act quickly to increase your multiplier and beat your hiscore!

With the iPad launch came brand new versions of existing iPhone apps at an often inflated price. HoloToy is a universal app, this means it's iPad version is built in. No second app to buy, just install again on your iPad to unlock the HD HoloToy.

HoloToy icon

This update also brings many performance tweaks resulting in HoloToy running at a solid 60fps across all devices!

See Scarab Attack as well as previous updates in action on both an iPod Touch and an iPad in the video below:

Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!
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