Tue, Jun 08, 2010

Image Crushr for OSX

The majority of mobile devices that exist today can only display a limited range of colors compared to their desktop brethren. Beautiful artwork with millions of colors can be reduced to a mess of harsh banding when viewed on the device.

Bit depth reduction with dithering is the common solution yet the number of applications that provide this capability is surprisingly low… enter Image Crushr!
  • Ideal for iPhone/Android/NDS/PSP artwork
  • Preview images without device
  • Improve image quality on low bit depth devices
  • Minimize texture memory usage
  • Create optimized palettes
  • Before/After preview
  • Custom bit depths
  • 4 dithering methods
  • Easy batch processing
  • Auto updates


Click here to download Image Crushr 1.0


Image Crushr is FREE! If you'd like to show your support you can check out my games & apps for iPhone/iPad: kode80 Apps on the AppStore


Image Crushr uses the excellent Sparkle framework by Andy Matuschak for automatic updates: Sparkle Framework

The Image Crushr icon uses glyphs from the free icon set "Icon Sweets" by YummyGum: www.yummygum.nl