Mon, Aug 02, 2010

HoloToy update #7 approved!

The seventh HoloToy update has been approved and is ready for download! Hit update now to add My HoloPics and iPhone 4 head tracking to your HoloToy.

My HoloPics are your photos/images in 3D! Using the built in depth and transparency editors you can quickly create your own holograms on the device itself. Create as many HoloPics as you like and reorder/flick between them, holiday snaps will never be the same again!

When run on an iPhone 4 you now have the option of realtime head tracking using the new front facing camera. When this option is enabled HoloToy will detect your head position in relation to the screen and change the perspective accordingly. You can literally look around the 3D scenes by moving your head!

HoloToy icon

HoloToy is a universal app, this means it's iPad version is built in. No second app to buy, just install again on your iPad to unlock the HD HoloToy. HoloToy will also render at native resolution when run on the iPhone 4 to make the best of the retina display.

Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!
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