Mon, Sep 13, 2010

HoloToy update #8 approved!

The eighth HoloToy update has been approved and is ready for download! Hit update now to add anaglyph rendering modes, My HoloPics screenshot sharing, full in-depth user manual and minor bug fixes to your HoloToy.

Anaglyph rendering adds an even greater 3D experience when used in conjunction with the commonly found color filtered 3D glasses. Anaglyph rendering also provides a fun way of sharing scenes created in HoloToy since they can be emailed and viewed in 3D by anyone possessing the appropriate 3D glasses.

A full in-depth user manual has also been added in this update covering everything from game controls to the various My HoloPic options and tools.

HoloToy icon

HoloToy is a universal app, this means it's iPad version is built in. No second app to buy, just install again on your iPad to unlock the HD HoloToy. HoloToy will also render at native resolution when run on the iPhone 4 to make the best of the retina display and can optionaly use the front facing camera for realtime headtracking.

Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!
HoloToy Anaglyph 1
HoloToy Anaglyph 2
HoloToy Anaglyph Projection
HoloToy Anaglyph HoloBot
HoloToy Anaglyph Moon
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