Mon, Jun 27, 2011

The big 1-bit Ninja giveaway!

Last Thursday 1-bit Ninja finally hit the App Store. Months of working on graphics, music, levels and code are now complete and the game is in players hands all around the world, it's a truly great feeling. 1-bit Ninja has been receiving some fantastic reviews both critically and in the App Store as well as inspiring some rather heated debate on the forums!
To celebrate the launch I will be giving away some copies of the game as well as limited edition 1-bit Ninja vinyl stickers throughout the week on Twitter. To enter simply retweet this: Click for 1-bit Ninja Giveaway Tweet
1-bit Ninja is pure run + jump fun unlike anything else on the App Store. The stylized 2D side-scrolling world can be dragged into 3D at any point to reveal hidden paths. Built from the ground up for touch screen control that rivals 'real buttons', 1-bit Ninja sacrifices a back button in the name of precise control you don't ever have to think about.
Need to move in the opposite direction? There's a spring or platform for that!
  • stylized 1-bit engine mixes 2D & 3D
  • simple 2 touch control for jump-precision
  • classic head-bouncing, run + jump gameplay
  • hiscores & best times
  • save & watch replays of your best runs
  • 4 worlds, 20 levels & over 100 challenges
  • secrets & easter eggs
  • unlockable camera modes inc. red/cyan 3D glasses mode
  • original chip-tune sound track
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