Wed, Feb 01, 2012

GLSL Studio 1.02 now available

The second GLSL Studio update is now available!

GLSL Studio 1.02 introduces 3D model import enabling developers and artists to test shader programs on their own 3D models directly in the app. A number of different file formats are supported including .OBJ .PLY and .MD2. Importing 3D models into GLSL Studio is made simple with iTunes File Sharing. The GLSL Studio code editor also sees a significant update in 1.02 gaining full code completion. As you type, GLSL keywords, function names and more are suggested along the top of the keyboard acting as a language guide and adding significant typing shortcuts. When exporting shader programs, GLSL Studio now also exports the current vertex data as a static array .h file making it even easier to quickly integrate and test in off-device projects.

Check out the new video below and learn more at:

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