Fri, Mar 30, 2012

1-bit Ninja Level Modding

The latest 1-bit Ninja has a hidden feature not disclosed in the description or the update notes; level modding! Non-console games have a long history of allowing players to modify their content to varying degrees and this is something that had a great influence on my love of games when growing up. I wanted to add this functionality to 1-bit Ninja so that adventurous players could try their hand at building their own levels and maybe inspire a few to look further into game development.

Included in the latest 1-bit Ninja update are the base maps for every level in the game, the tileset and a level-modding howto. These files can be found by connecting your device to iTunes and going to File Sharing. The video below demonstrates how to edit/create 1-bit Ninja levels for playing in the game.

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