Mon, Aug 20, 2012

Simul80 - iOS joystick simulator for OSX

Simul80 Header

iOS joysticks need to be supported by developers to succeed but this support costs additional time and money for testing… enter Simul80!

Now you can easily add support for iOS joysticks without owning the hardware. Not only do you give your players the option of using physical controls but you can use the keyboard or a gamepad to control your game in the iOS simulator - no more video camera trailers!

  • Use OSX controllers to play iOS joystick compatible games
  • Use keyboard/gamepad controls in the iOS simulator to record game trailers
  • Easily add support for iOS joysticks
  • Test without hardware both in the iOS simulator and on-device
  • Prototype custom control setups
  • Works over Bluetooth, test your game's joystick controls on-device
  • Simulates both iCade and 2-player GameDock
  • Create custom devices with the built in editor
  • Input configurable, use any OSX compatible joystick or gamepad
  • Captures system keyboard input. Press "Start", switch to the iOS Simulator, play your game
  • Simulated joystick state shown in-app
  • Output keycodes shown in-app

Click here to download Simul80 1.3


Simul80 is FREE! If you'd like to show your support you can check out my games & apps for iPhone/iPad: kode80 Apps on the AppStore


Easily integrate hardware joystick support in your game: Stuart Carnie's iCade API

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