Wed, Mar 17, 2010

HoloToy update #1 approved!

The first HoloToy update has been approved by Apple and is now ready for download! Hit update now to add HoloBot to your HoloToy. Designing HoloBot skins? Be sure to let me see. :)

HoloBot is your very own miniature remote controlled robot. Control HoloBot's movements inside his HoloRoom, make him inspect, salute, ground-pound and more! Don't like HoloBot's paint job? Choose from 29 different designs. Still can't find a HoloBot just for you? Design your very own HoloBot using the included template, view your work on the living breathing HoloBot then share it with the world!

HoloToy icon

Also included in this update is the first of many easter eggs. Can you unlock HoloBot's top secret funky moves?

Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!
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