Mon, Mar 22, 2010

HoloToy update #2 submitted

The second HoloToy update has been submitted to Apple. What's new in this version? HoloBall!

HoloBall is a virtual bouncy ball with the HoloRoom providing the virtual walls for you to bounce off of. Advanced HoloPhysics provide added realism beyond the 3D illusion created by HoloToy. Done playing? Prove your HoloBall skills and wall-bounce dexterity in the HoloBall challenge, shave seconds off your maneuvers and get those extra points!

HoloToy icon

HoloToy version 1.02 should be available (Apple permitting) mid-week, in the mean time check out the preview video below to see the HoloBall in action.

Don't have HoloToy yet? Click here to get it now!
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