Thu, Sep 06, 2012

Oh Hi! Octopi! on the App Store now!

In Oh Hi! Octopi! you must help fight back a never ending stream of Octopi using your trusty hammer, paint bubbles and the occasional bomb. Using your hammer Octopi can be dazed temporarily and moved around the screen. Hitting Octopi with the correct colored paint bubble will knock them off the screen removing any like-colored Octopi they may hit on the way down. Big combos can be achieved resulting in huge scores, the more Octopi you remove in one go, the more points you receive. Remove 10 Octopi to progress to the next round but watch out, each round the Octopi increase in speed.

Oh Hi! Octopi! is part puzzle game, part arcade platformer, is a universal app with GameCenter and iCade support and is available in the App Store now!
Click here to download Oh Hi! Octopi!

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