Fri, Dec 19, 2014

Updates, updates, updates!

Hi everybody,

After 5 years kode80 finally has a logo and with that a new look for the web site. I've rebuilt it from the ground up (moved from WordPress to Jekyll for those interested) and intend to get back to more frequent posting. I have several new projects; mobile, desktop and VR that I'm excited to start talking about in the new year.

Today I've pushed 2 big updates to the App Store.

1-bit Ninja 1.30

Now optimized for iOS 7 and 8, 1-bit Ninja will take full advantage of the extra screen space on new devices. 1-bit Ninja is also now a universal app running at native iPad resolutions.

View 1-bit Ninja on the App Store

1-bit Ninja Title Screen Shot 1-bit Ninja Screen Shot 1 1-bit Ninja Screen Shot 2 1-bit Ninja Screen Shot 3 1-bit Ninja Screen Shot 4

GLSL Studio 1.5

Also optimized for iOS 7 and 8, GLSL Studio's entire UI has been given an overhaul with full support for all devices. The code editor has been rewritten to take advantage of new iOS technologies improving performance and fixing several editing bugs.

View GLSL Studio on the App Store

GLSL Studio Screen Shot 1 GLSL Studio Screen Shot 2 GLSL Studio Screen Shot 3 GLSL Studio Screen Shot 4 GLSL Studio Screen Shot 5

I hope that you enjoy the 1-bit Ninja and GLSL Studio updates and wish everyone a very happy holidays.

See you in 2015!

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